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Cats have a special place in history. In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as gods, and they continue to captivate us to this day. Cats have abilities that no other animal possesses. They are known for their great intuition and supernatural powers. They are masters of transforming negative energy into positive, which enables them to control the secrets of magic.

Cats are a bridge between the unconscious and conscious levels. Their purring can tune us into theta waves, which is a state that we can also reach in meditation. This wavelength allows us to be in connection with higher levels of consciousness and to open the doors to other worlds.

Cats also have the ability to see into the first level of the astral plane, which is not accessible to us as humans. Therefore, it can happen that a cat hisses at something that we do not see. A cat may be able to see a spirit or other entity that is in our house. It is said that cats drive away these entities from our homes and protect us from danger.

Cats are therefore associated with magic and witchcraft. Many witches have at least one cat that helps them with their magical rituals and spells. Black cats are even considered special, as they are attributed the greatest magical power.

Cats fascinate us and have a special effect on us. Their mystical abilities attract and fascinate us, even after millennia. They are creatures that can take us to other worlds and show us the way to our own inner selves.

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